Frozen Delivery

Our best practise for frozen food delivery:
  1. Reduce number of stop, or pick up or the loading and unloading time so that frozen products can be deliver at the shorter time possible.
  2. Shorten the door opening time as much as possible. Use a strip curtain as much as possible when loading and unloading to ensure that the cold air in the compartment will not be quickly dissipated during shipment.
  3. Goods of different temperatures are strictly prohibited from being stored in the same compartment space. We will use partitions or dual compartments trucks to separate dry goods, perishable items, ice and, frozen foods to ensure the temperature is controlled according to the custom needs of the item.
  4. Always keep the truck interior compartment clean all the time. We will ensure the floor should not contain any wrappers and paper scraps or debris because these can impede airflow if the debris was inhaled by the evaporator of the refrigeration unit and affect the truckload.
Our pro team manage the proper operation and use of refrigerated trucks is the key to ensuring the quality of temperature-controlled goods for fresh, live meat and animal produce.

Frozen Goods Transport and Delivery Service


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