Chiller truck is a closed box type of vehicle that used for transporting frozen or fresh goods. It has equipped with a refrigeration unit and a polyurethane insulated box. and is commonly used for transporting frozen foods (refrigerated vehicles), dairy products (milk transport vehicles), fruits and vegetables (fresh goods transport vehicles), vaccine drugs (vaccine transport vehicles) and so on.
The structure of the chiller truck is composed of the walking part of the automobile chassis, and the heat insulation and heat preservation body (usually composed of polyurethane material, glass fiber reinforced plastic, colour steel plate, stainless steel, etc.), refrigeration unit, temperature recorder in the compartment, and other special requirements.

There are many sizes or capacity of box truck in the market. Our new trucks size ranging from 1, 3, 6, 8 ton.

Vehicles, such as meat hooks, can be fitted with meat hooks, waistbands, aluminium rails, ventilation slots and other optional accessories.
A regular maintenance is required to Improve the insulation materials and air cooling system of these vehicles is important.
So that it will ensure the cool air will keep at the preset temperature and prevent damaging the foods while on the road for long journey.

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The key to food transportation is as follows:

Firstly is food packaging, which belongs to fragile and deformed foods, and the inner packaging should be clean, safe, hygienic and in compliance with food safety rules, standards and sanitary regulation.
The outer packaging must be protected by hard materials to prevent any contamination of the products.
Secondly is to choose type of food transport. For perishable food, these are easily damage by change of temperature, it is highly recommended to use vehicle with temperature control system and refrigeration equipment such as refrigerated carriers truck or chiller truck/van.
Other type of non perishable foods can be transported by general bonded truck or carrier vehicles to avoid sunlight, wind and rain.
The below shows the most suitable temperature for various foods in the refrigerated truck:

Fruits and vegetables:
Best to store between 2 ~ 8 °C. At this temperature zone, it can preserve and ensure freshness of the vegetables, fruits, eggs, beer and beverages and maintain the original flavour.
Grapes, apples, cherries, plums, melons, pears, oranges, peaches, pineapples, lemons, and bananas are suitable fruits to be transported in this temperature range.
Fresh vegetables supply: Western pine mushrooms, asparagus, carrots, cauliflower, green peas, flower vegetables, cabbage, celery, lettuce, cucumber, eggplant, spinach, potatoes, onions, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, tomatoes.
Meat and fish:
Best to store in 0 ~ 2 °C. Food in 0 °C state with no ice which is best to preserve freshness of the food and no loss of nutrition. Those fish and meat products can keep for 1-2 days in refrigerated temperature and the foods still fresh.
Foods that are suitable to store in this temperature range are generally fresh meat: raw bacon, raw beef, raw chicken, raw lamb, raw ham, eggs, sausage, smoked bacon, salty ham and other animal meat product.

Fruit and Vegetables

Fish and Seafood

Ice Cream and Confection

Daily Product

Our best practise for frozen food delivery:
  1. Reduce number of stop, or pick up or the loading and unloading time so that frozen products can be deliver at the shorter time possible.
  2. Shorten the door opening time as much as possible. Use a strip curtain as much as possible when loading and unloading to ensure that the cold air in the compartment will not be quickly dissipated during shipment.
  3. Goods of different temperatures are strictly prohibited from being stored in the same compartment space. We will use partitions or dual compartments trucks to separate dry goods, perishable items, ice and, frozen foods to ensure the temperature is controlled according to the custom needs of the item.
  4. Always keep the truck interior compartment clean all the time. We will ensure the floor should not contain any wrappers and paper scraps or debris because these can impede airflow if the debris was inhaled by the evaporator of the refrigeration unit and affect the truckload.
Our pro team manage the proper operation and use of refrigerated trucks is the key to ensuring the quality of temperature-controlled goods for fresh, live meat and animal produce.

Frozen Goods Transport and Delivery Service

Whereas for transporting temperature sensitive products such as daily products, meat, seafood, fruits for long distance, it is compulsory to use a box truck that is fully equipped with refrigeration unit or we called it as refrigerated truck.
There are many sizes or capacity of box truck in the market. Our new trucks size ranging from 1,3,6,8,10 tone.
These type of trucks come with 2 panels door at the back and 1 panel side door on the left and right.
For easy guide for loading and unloading small load during the day, the truck driver can use the side door to reduce the cold air outflow from the truck. Whereas for pallet loading and unloading, it has to use the rear door.
The rear door can open widely 270 degree for easy loading and unloading at the loading bay.

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