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Frozen Goods Transport and Delivery Service Frozen Delivery

What do you need to pay attention to in relation to frozen goods transportation work?


At the end of each transportation operation, clean the cargo compartment in time.
When the cold chain transporter unloads, the thin ice on the inner wall of the cargo compartment will melt, and the loading and unloading personnel working in the cargo compartment will move back and forth, which will make the cargo compartment very dirty. So transporter need to dry the cargo compartment to prevent high risk accident as it will be very slippery.
In addition, when the frozen product is loaded, it is prone to slight thawing. The melted blood water flows to the cargo box, causing the cargo box to smell bad, affecting the next loading and transportation, and of course, the safety of the refrigerated cargo is also affected.
Some clients will check the cleanliness of the truck when loading. If the cleanliness in the cargo compartment is not good, client will not arrange for loading, which will waste time and affect the transportation efficiency. So a through cleaning after the end of each transportation operation is compulsory.
Well maintain truck refrigeration unit

Always check whether the package is damaged or thawed or in bad conditions.
It is compulsory for refrigerated truck company to check the refrigeration system frequently. If the refrigeration system is found to be damaged, we need to repair it as soon as possible to avoid the thawing of the cargo due to the failure of the refrigeration system during transportation.
In addition, some refrigerated goods need to be refrigerated in advance. After loading the goods of our partner or client company, the temperature inside the container can be guaranteed to meet the temperature requirements of the goods and avoid goods being thawed during transportation.
We provide 1,3,6,8,10 tons of transportation service. Please leave your enquiry here, we will reply as soon as possible.
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