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Fruit and Vegetables  Food Transport

Fruits and vege produce are still ¡®¡¯alive¡¯¡¯ after harvest by farmer cause the active metabolic processes are still occurring in the fruit and vegetable tissues, which are resistant to invasion by microorganisms.
However, when this type of living organism develops into the late stage, that is, the over-ripening stage, the metabolism slows down or even stops, and the fruit composition and the tissue undergo irreversible changes, causing them to lose their nutritional value and unique flavour, and to start to rot under the action of microorganisms.
These fruits and vegetables goods should be packaged properly and properly stacked in a cold box so that the gas in the box is well-circulated, the oxygen is evenly distributed, and the accumulation of harmful gases, moisture, and heat is reduced, ensuring a good storage environment.
High quality loading and transport of fruits and vegetables and related products begins when farmer first work to harvest the fruits and vegetables.
First of all, the fruits and vegetables should be carefully selected, sorted and cleaned, then slow down the fruit ripening process by slowing cooling down the temperature.
Finally, the correct use of packaging materials and product to quickly pack the fruit and vegetables, make sure the fruit and the vegetables are in a low temperature state and optimum condition.
The fruits and vegetables will keep fresh and maintain it quality with the correct temperature, humidity, and gas composition during the transport time to its destination.

Vegetable transport is a mean of transporting vegetable type of agricultural products and usually transport by professional vegetable distribution logistics companies or cold chain companies who are responsible for purchasing various vegetables produce,fruit agricultural products from the wholesale market, and even meats product from various local and international vegetable supplier and distributors.
Some of the vegetables and fruits products are homegrown and harvest fresh daily and those colourful vegetables have the most nutrition. Those naturally home grown vegetables are chemical free and thus have more minerals and nutrients as compared to conventional chemically grown ones.
Vegetable delivery industry guideline:
1. Use a vehicle with a refrigerating function to transport the load at a low temperature.
2. A sealed packaging or box transport to avoid oxidation and add freshness to be able keep the vege and sea goods fresh for longer time.
3. Keep away the vegetable supply cargo from direct sunlight so that it last longer on the road.
4. Water the vegetable appropriately to preserve freshness of vegetable during transport.
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